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Al Gore and Tipper’s story is a classic childhood sweetheart story about two young things attending the same school and falling in love. The story continues with the girl following the boy to study in the same college. The story ends inevitably, as all good love stories end, with the pair getting married after Tipper graduates from college, in 1970. But, unfortunately, real life stories continue even after the part where they get married and they don’t inevitably follow the ‘happily ever after’ tagline of a good old love story or fairy tale!

Is it the age I’m at? The times we’re living in? And for me, how can I wrap my head around dating someone who is still technically married, yet not happy, and therefore looking to get out and find a new relationship? Can they even move on? And can I get over being that “other woman” even though it wouldn’t be a secret?

State laws vary a great deal regarding marital property. In some states, marital property is everything acquired from the date of the marriage to the date one spouse files a divorce complaint. This includes both assets and debts. If you live in one of these states, and if you have not filed for a legal separation, you remain jointly responsible for any debts your spouse runs up. Your spouse is also entitled to his share of any property you acquire on your own during your informal separation. When one of you files for divorce and asks a court to distribute marital property, some states will look at the circumstances and acknowledge that you did not intend to remain married after 14 years apart. In this case, the financial impact of staying married for so long without a legal agreement in place might be mitigated. The court might mark the cutoff date for acquired marital property and debt as the time you established separate residences.

Not divorced yet but dating

Not divorced yet but dating

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