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"Captain Fish's puffin cruises are wonderful experiences for many reasons, not the least of which is the terrific scenery and the miles of coastline between Boothbay Harbor and Eastern Egg Rock.  Perhaps the most unique aspect of the trip is that since the boat travels in deep waters the opportunity to see unusual wildlife like a minke whale or maybe even a finback whale is always there, in addition to offshore species of birds like northern gannets and petrels.  But the real treat is in seeing the busy and exciting colony of Atlantic Puffins at their southernmost nesting island in all of North America.  National Audubon Society is proud of the relationship we've had with the Fish family in collaborating on these eco-tourism cruises ever since the puffins were restored to Eastern Egg Rock, back in the 1980's, and we've been able to serve tens of thousands of people since then on these wildlife explorations."
Peter Salmansohn, Education Coordinator,
Seabird Restoration Program

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Fish n the sea dating site

Fish n the sea dating site

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