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I mean, why would she even care. Tonight I need to dating my cousins friend to him to keep us getting to know one another between us. I trusted her, but now she has betrayed my trust. And she says nobody has seen his romantic side. Even if I tell them I don't agree with the relationship they are still gonna see each other. I think you should tell her.

My step-aunt and step-uncle went on vacation for three weeks and they asked me to check in on my on my four female step-cousins while they were away. I said it was no problem. My cousins are twenty-one, the twins are twenty-three, and the oldest is twenty-four. They're all really sexy as well. My step-aunt and step-uncle told me there were to be no guys in the house while they were away. They left Monday morning and I stopped at the house after work to find five guys drinking beer by the pool and my cousins strutting around in the skimpiest bikinis made. I wigged out and threw the guys out. I told them not to let me catch them back here again. I sat the girls down by the pool told them to wrap towels around themselves. The youngest gave me lip and said they had bathing suits on. I said they weren't enough to cover them and I could see everything. She said, "What, are you gay? You don't like four sexy women almost naked walking around in front of you?" I told her they are my step-cousins and I don't look at them like that; have some respect for me. The oldest asked me if I wanted to go swimming; I told her I would have to jump in the shower and I had no suit. She said go shower and she would get one of my step-uncle's suits and leave it on the bed. I put my clothes on the bed, wrapped a towel around me, and headed for the shower. When I came out, my clothes were gone off the bed there was a note with an even skimpier bikini lying next to it. The note read to put it on or wear nothing. Since I chased the guys away, I would have to please them all. I was mad. I grabbed the bikini and stormed out to the pool. When I got there, they were all naked. One thing led to another and we spent the next few days having sex. On the last day, I went in the shower I was thinking about what had gone on while my step-aunt and step-uncle were not there, and I got excited again. I stepped out of the shower just as my step-aunt opened the door to use the bathroom. She smiled when she saw my excitement; I didn't even think to cover up. She just smiled and said we would discuss this when my uncle and the girls weren't around. Another day, another adventure.

ANSWER: " Sixth cousins are so distantly related that there is no reason why you shouldn't be a couple if you wish to be. Becoming a couple is an evolution. Let the relationship evolve - don't be secretive. People who love you should be happy for both of you." [February 8th 2008 St. Petersburt Times].

My cousins are dating

My cousins are dating

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