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Chris Mejaski,

Reality TV fans will recognize new "Amazing Race Canada" team Jillian and Emmett from their time on the first season of "Big Brother Canada."

But while they were known for their budding showmance during their time as TV housemates, they tell our Liz Trinnear they're entering season four of the race as exes.

"Exes yeah, but still like best friends," Emmett, a 28-year-old dairy farmer says. "Like we probably still hang out probably three, four times a week."

Jillian, a 30-year-old teacher, adds their current relationship status will actually probably serve them better on the race.

"I think being exes and competing will be easier because... emotions aren't involved," she says. "Like, we can't [go] 'Oh I'm sorry I did that,' or 'Oh I'm sorry I did this.' We're both in it for the same reason. We're both driving hard for the prize." 

She and Emmett agree their favourite part of "Big Brother Canada" was the competitions, and Jillian has experience coming out on top, winning their season of that show.

So, what's their strategy going into the race?

"I think we're going to play with some of the teams a little bit," Emmett says. "I truly believe if you do that you're going to get further... You kind of want to play on people's emotions a little bit."

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Are emmett and jillian still dating 2014

Are emmett and jillian still dating 2014

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