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There is a fascinating Talmudic passage (Brachot 60a) which relates to this. While in her seventh pregnancy, Leah said: "Jacob is destined to beget 12 tribes. I have already borne six, and each of the handmaids have borne two, making a total of 10. If the child I'm carrying turns out to be male, then my sister Rachel will not even be equivalent to one of the handmaids." Leah therefore prayed, and the fetus was changed to a female.

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“Quite simply the best place to be!” It is no surprise that exactly these seven words are used as Night Flight’s slogan. Maybe not exactly modest, but the club has been around long enough – 25 years to be precise – not to bother with semantics or quibble about wording and just call everything by its proper name. Night Flight is the oldest club and restaurant for Moscow’s expat community, tourists from all over and the more sophisticated Muscovites who come here for fine food, beautiful company, second to none drinks and to party the night away well into the early morning hours. On Moscow’s main Tverskaya Street and within walking distance from the beautiful Red Square, the location could not be more perfect and central!

Moscow dating

Moscow dating

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