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As an actor, he is best known for portraying Hajime Kindaichi in the Kindaichi Case Files [3] live action drama franchise and Nagisa Shiota in the Assassination Classroom [4] live action adaptation movie franchise. He, also, plays Edward Elric in the live-action film, Fullmetal Alchemist , which was released on December 1, 2017. [5]

I would take Love Plus or My Wife over this any day (though I don’t like the art of My Wife too much since it has 3 different artists)… first you had Morning Musume, now this group w/ 48 girls, and there’s SNSD and Wonder Girls from Korea (I know this gal who uses “Nobody” as her ringtone…), don’t really care about girl groups, and 48 people is just silly..A couple members of AKB48 (Team Dragon) are singing the Dragon Ball Kai ending song now. And their voice acting sucks, they were given the chance to do a couple of lines in ep 71 (the girl escaping w/ her brother from Cell) and one of them was used…

Being as much of a phenomenon as they are, and being very much a part of popular Japanese culture as they are, it’s a wonder that their influence doesn’t have a greater international reach. Then again, it’s always been amazing to me how groups can have such a huge following in one country and be completely unknown to other parts of the world.

Akb48 perfect dating

Akb48 perfect dating

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